Declan goes to the Library

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After meeting with Lady Cook and promising her a minor boon for this, Declan went to the State of Connecticut library. It was huge, with a lot of sections with piles of books upon books all neatly categorised by the library workers. It all worked like perfect clockwork.

Declan walks in with Majesty one on. Looks around, uses Auspex 1.
Who here is the most likely to give me what I want? (most suitable Librarian here). He notices an old librarian sitting before the desk, flipping through what looks like an ancient tome, but is in fact a simple book log.
Who here is the most likely to give me what I want? (Mystery Cult, it could happen in a library, maybe someone read about them or is in one). He notices a girl, sitting in a corner, with several huge sheets of paper on the table, sifting through them.
Who here is most afraid? He sees a young man, in the corner hastily taking notes from the book on his table, he reeks of fear.

Declan walks to that girl, sits down besides her, notices that the sheets of paper are actually hartford maps. She’s also scribbling something on one of them, seemingly ignoring Declan’s presence.

Declan puts his hand on the map, so she would look at him.
“Don’t you know where you are?” she said, shooting an angry look at him. Declan’s eyes quickly caught her mind and she was under his power.

Declan whispers to her ear “answer my questions truthfully” “What do you know about this cities cults?”

“Do those even exist?” she asked in return.

“Answer my question” (it’s a command)

“Um… Nothing?”

“Why do you need these maps?”

“I’ve been hired to do some work with them.”

“By whom?”

“I don’t know.”

“How do you contact him?”

“I don’t, they contact me.”

“How often?”

“I’ve been contacted twice. I should be contacted once more once I’m done with my work.”

“When is that?”

“I don’t know.”

“Ok, what are you looking for?”

“For a pattern.”


“How the city has changed.”

“Do they come to you or they call you?”

“They call me.”

“Do you ever meet them?”

“Yes, after the call we arrange an immediate meeting.”

“Write down your address” Declan hands her a sheet of paper

She calmly wrote down an address on the sheet of paper.

“Forget this ever happened. Resume to your work”

And she simply does that.

Declan then goes to the old librarian “Good evening” with those words he lashes out seductively.

“Oh my” she blushed a little “Good evening, how may I help you?”

“Well, I am looking for some help. I am in need of a specialist and my gut says that you are the best at what you do” Declan smiles

“So flattering… “ she said. “so what books are you looking for?”

“I am trying to build myself a small library. And I want unique and books. I am sure I can try to find some here, so you would understand” Declan uses auspex 3 (2s)

Where is the object which mosts interest me now? (A book with some occult) He looked around, seeing different sections, hundreds, no thousands upon thousands of books. Some of the sections concerning with mythology had some slimers of truth in them.
Does this room has any secret pathways? Each wall is like a block, tough and unbreachable.

“This is a library, we don’t sell books.” she said with a smile “But you can read them or borrow them.”

“Yes, I know” he smiles “That’s why I need a person with your expertise, who could go once or twice a month to some pawnshops or where books could be sold… “ Declan thinks “You see I don’t even know where I could find them” He laughs quietly “and look for such books. Of course I would repay for that”.

“I don’t really see the point, dear” she said in a motherly tone. “Almost any book you’d desire can be found here. After all, this is the biggest library in the state.”

“That may be true, but I want my own library” He smiles “I like to read during the night, alone. Would you help a young lad like me??”

“Dear, I’m quite old. Why don’t you hire one of the young newcomers? They’re still young, and pretty too.” she smiled.

Declan activates majesty 2. “Yes, but they don’t know as much as you!! And for me knowledge matters the most”

“I’m just an old librarian” she said. “What books are you looking for anyways? There’s little point in your own library, when you can simply borrow books here, and read them on nights if you so choose.”

“Mystical, unique, those filled with stories about creatures. Non of these peek my interest”

“Mystical and unique? There’s the folklore and legends section over there.” she answered.

“Yes, but I won’t learn anything new from them… And I don’t have a lot of time to look for this kind of books my self… I don’t even know where to look…”

“I’d look for all the books I would need here.”

“Could you point me towards someone, who could help me with kind of work?”

“I really don’t understand what is there to help you with. But ask one of the younger girls around. They should be up for some more money.”

“Which one worked here the longest?”

“Marta. She just went to the history section, to check on the new girl.”

“Thank you” Declan nods and goes to the history section

There he sees two girls and a bunch on the books.

“You clumsy, bitch! I will not see this happening again if you want to keep the job!” she has definitely raised her voice, but it was still not above what’s expected in a library.

Declan walks up to them “Marta?” with those words he lets out his seductive beast.

“Oh” she slowly turned. “Hello there. How may I help you?” she smiled.

“Well, I want to build myself a library at home and I need a specialist on that matter” Declan smiles “Your friend told me that you are one of the longest working here”

“Oh of course! A library? What kind of books are you interested in?”

“Oh, I meant a study room library. I am interested in unique and rare/ rarer books. And I need a person that could look for them. of course I will award that person”

“Award?” she asked.

“Money or something else you wanted”

“How much are you paying for such work? And how much work you want to get done for that?”

“I am a reasonable man, we will arrange the price of each book separately” Declan smiles “If you are up for it, give me your contacts and I will make you a call, because now, as I can see, you have this lady to tutor”

“Of course. Here’s my number”

“Ok, I will contact you then”


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