Declan meets Erma Fisher, his touchstone

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Declan invitedErma to have dinner with him at the pizza place in Mister Albert’ lands. When Declan sees Erma, he activates blush of life. He is sitting behind one of the tables.

She arrives in a nice dress. After seeing him she approaches “Really? A pizza?” she said with a smile.

“Well, there is a hotel nearby, I guess it will have a nice restaurant” Declan gives an aloof smile

“it’s not what I mean. we won’t be able to dance here.” she smiled sitting down.

“There is a nightclub down the corner, but I have never been there”

“Let’s just finish the pizza, since you obviously haven’t called me for dance.” she laughed.

“Sorry” Declan looks down “We can go any other day you want, I will take you anywhere you want” Declan smiles

“So, she said grabbing a slice of pizza. What’s tonight about?”

“Well, I wanted to treat you dinner and talk”

“Cool” she said taking a bite “Thanks, Declan.”

Declan socializes whole evening, talking about their parties. Also he asks her about her life, maybe there is something bothering her.’

She’s pretty fine and really interested in what Declan has to say.

“Maybe you could help me a bit?”

“Sure, what is it Declan?”

“One of my friends wants to talk to the manager of Room 960, about some nightclub stuff. Maybe you could give me his contacts?”

“Sure.” she said, pulling out her note book. Take it.

“Thank you” Declan spends the rest of the evening chatting with Erma.


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