Declan meets Lady Cook

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The Invictus Board Meeting was just over. Declan was probably still surprised by the changed order of things. After all, instead of serving Lady Cook he’s now to do the same for Mister Heckles.

Declan approaches Lady Cook. “Good evening Lady Cook, may I speak with you in private?”

She thought for a second. “Oh of course, Mister Middleton”. She looked around. “Well, that corner by the window looks empty enough, and it’s a great view too.”

Declan nods and follows Lady Cook. “It seems, the Inner Circle appointed me to Mister Heckles” Declan shakes his head a bit “I really wanted to be Oathed to you….”

She smiled. “I know you did. I wonder how Lady Sanders got this arrangement, or what she did to get it.”

“I will find out, if you want to know” Declan smiles “Miss Liucija wasn’t pleased with this decision as well, I have never seen her so….” Declan doesn’t finish his sentence. “I guess if I got a higher standing in the Invictus, I would be reoathed to someone else. Of course I would choose you Lady Cook.”

“This wasn’t a standard procedure per say. Usually an Invictus has to convince someone to swear the Oath. So when the time comes and you can free yourself from Mister Heckles, you’ll probably be able to swear it to me.” she smiled.

“And what do I exactly need to do to free myself from Mr. Heckles?”

“Show the Inner Council that you’re capable AND that Mr. Heckles can’t handle the power he has been given.”

“And if someone else swore an oath to me, could I get out of oath to mister Heckles in that way?”

“Depending on who it is, it will improve your standing in the Invictus. But no, directly it will not force the Inner Circle to renounce your Oath and allow you to pick someone else.Don’t forget, that all your achievements also improve Mr. Heckles standing as well. After all, his vassal is a good one. The best course of action would be for you to find a way to ruin his reputation, so that someone else could point out the fact that he did not deserve this.”

“Hmmm, if I were to take the media sector, so all fame would go to Mr. Heckles. That’s a really complicated situation. I guess going to the so called kiddie pool, to look for good vassals isn’t an option, because by now it would have been done by the Invictus”

“Indeed, the standing situation with the kiddie pool is – we should not get involved with them. Watching them, and being approached by them is generally permitted.”

“Only if one asked for me, I could go there. Well that makes it a bit interesting. Maybe you have something in mind what could help with this situation?”

“Not at the moment. No. But I’ll keep you in my mind.” she smiled.

“Is Miss Kels on your side? I mean did she swore an oath to you”

“Yes, she has”

“Then I will help her a bit, if she needs some help, because nightlife attracts media and I need them”

“A solid plan. Now if you’ll excuse me. I still need to speak with several others before they disappear.”

Declan nods “Have a nice evening Lady Cook”


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