Declan meets Lady Kels

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Declan wants to meet Miss Kels. How will he try to get a meeting with her?

He asked her contact while he was in a meeting. He caught her after they left the building and wanted to meet her later.

Miss Kels invited Declan into her own club. The music was loud here, the colors bright, it was filled to the maximum, humans, bodies grinding against each other.

“Good evening Miss Kels. Do you have a quieter place to talk to?”

She lead him to one of the booths deeper in the club. They weren’t most private place Declan had in mind, but they could do.

“Good evening, Mister Middleton. How may I help you?”

“I came here with a proposal. You are talking over the club sector and I will be taking over media, so I thought, we could help each other a bit. What do you think?”

“Let’s hear what you have in mind.”

“I imagine you ghouled the owner of this nightclub”

“And you’d imagine wrong.”

Declan raises an eyebrow “And why didn’t you do that yet?”

“And why would I do that?”

“At least I had this kind of plan in mind: You ghoul the owner of this nightclub, then you go to another and “convince” that nightclub owner to sell it to your ghoul, that way, you’ll have two nightclubs with one owner, it’s easier to control. And you do that for several nightclubs”

She frowned. “Yes, and then all my rival needs to do, is get rid of a single person to ruin everything I’ve built. Are your new lords starting to use you to set us up? It’s not gonna be that easy."

“You know yourself, that my sire and I wanted to join Lady Cook, not Ladies Sanders side” Declan said that with a bit anger

“Which is an excellent excuse, for your new lords to use. Really, the advice to use a single ghoul for all of my power?”

“I won’t argue with you on that theme, when I will be able to choose to whom I will oath my self, you will see” Declan smiles “Well, then you could make all of them ghouls and sign a contract that says, that they are all equal partners and owners of every nightclub. Of course you would be pulling the strings on them.” Declan thinks for a minute “There is a thing, nightclubs attract celebrities and celebrities attract media, them I need. If I helped you with your nightclub plan, would you help me with the media sector? I need as many contacts as possible in that sector”

This time she raised her eyebrows in surprise. “I guess then, you’ll completely understand why I won’t be just handing over the information about my control easily. In any case, does this club looks like a place celebrities would frequent, just for fun? Attracting celebrities requires… something. As for the media, get a foothold there. Then we can figure out how we can mutually benefit from each other.”

“I guess you could ask Sir Mangumas, maybe he’ll let you take over 960 room, I could get you some contacts in that place” Declan smiles

“Really? Well, that would be very useful. Once you get a foothold within the Media, I could pay back the favor… by arranging something to happen. That way, you can get something juicy for the Media and I can get a club.”

“I guess the manager’s number would do and anything else I can get?”

“We’ll see” her eyes were still suspicious of Declan.

“I guess, I will take my leave now. I will arrange that number as soon as possible. I guess I can find you here or where should I contact you?”

“Call the number…” she said. “Good night, Mr. Middleton.”

“Have a good evening Miss Kels”


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