Declan meets Rajani

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The bottom of the abandoned building was not that hard to reach. There he found Rajani.

“Good evening Rajani, I wanted to talk with you”

“Let’s talk then, you already entered the spider’s web, no harm in speaking is there?” she turned her head.

“You and I are both interested in relics and the occult knowledge of this world, am I right?”

“Stating the obvious is redundant and wastes the time of us both.”

“Well, I would like to make an arrangement. That would be beneficial to both of us”

“What do you have in mind?”

“Well, I guess you have quite a few occult books. I have some too. I would like to make copies of your books in exchange of my books. Also, I would owe you a favor and I will give you any leads on relics that I find. I thinks that’s a fair deal”

“Show me your books and I will look through them to see if they hold any value to me. If they do, we can deal in them. Additionally, there’s another book which greatly interests me… I cannot get it myself, but I know where it’s located. If you got me that book… “

“Tell me more about that book, I will tell you, if I can do anything about it”

“memoria est in damnatis, I’ve tracked the book to the Sangiovanni estate. It should be there.”

“I doubt they will want to part ways with it. But maybe I could arrange a meeting with the owner and he or she will let you read it”

“I need the book. A sunday’s reading will not do it. Can you get me the book? After all, with Rhea you should be able to get into the estate with much less attention than I would. And then, it’s only the matter of finding and taking the book.”

“You know that they are mekhets, if they read my mind I would be dead for… I could try to exchange it for something though”

“The way of how you’d obtain the book do not interest me that much. Either you can get the book for me and I’ll reward you suitably… or you will not. So what it will be?”

“I will try to get the book, but I can’t guarantee my success. But why are you so interested in that book?”

“And why are you interested in my books? The reasons should not bother you, just like your reasons do not bother me.” she answered.

“I’m a trusting person, but… when I show you the book, what is stopping you from stealing them from me?”

“What is stopping me, from using Auspex to find out where your books are and simply stealing them? Or what is stopping me from torturing you about the location of the books before killing you? I need to evaluate the books you offer me. I cannot take up deals without knowing if it’s actually of use to me.”

“I guess you want allies in the city. And I am the prince’s grandchild and I am from the Invictus, so I have some perks. Ok, I will trust you on this and show you a good sign of faith, I will give you the copy of the books in return for some of yours, of course if you need any, is that a deal? And I will do anything I can, to get that book”

“Of course. You know where to find me once you progress on either of those two. For now you may leave the spider’s web.”

Declan goes to Marta’s place and takes the books and goes back to the Rajani place. “I came here with them”

She took one of the books and started skimming the book. “A tome on time?” she said, placing the book back and grabbing another tome. “Hm… This one speaks about grabbing your own fate.” the next one. “Hm… “

She didn’t look at any of the books too long. “They’re interesting, that’s for sure. But… there’s something off about them. I just can’t tell what exactly.”

“How can you tell so fast what’s in them?”

“Years of practice. And besides discerning the general topic, of a book so intact… is rather easy. Getting down to the specifics tho, would be a lot harder. And these books don’t even smolder in half arsed lies and shit. Usually if the book has some useful info, it’s a good find, even if most of the book is absolute crap. These are really good ones. Where did you get them?”

“Hmmmm… Now that I think of, that place would interest you very much, I even saw few interesting things there. Will I be able to leave your spider’s web unharmed and with all of them if I told you?”

“Of course.”

“There is a strange old man, who has a sign of wisdom written all over him. He works in this occult shop (name the shop) and but he lives (insert the address). If you through back door there is a secret hatch, there you will find a lot of interesting stuff”

She picked up another book, started flipping through it. Mark could see strange drawings of towers in it. She flipped a bit and then she froze. Focusing on one of the pages with some strange symbols. “How did you learn of all this?”

“What do you mean?”

“The man, his secret hatch? Getting all these books?” she said, quickly placing the book back into the pile, not touching another one, looking carefully at Mark.

“I talked with him. Is something wrong?”

“You talked with him and he simply showed you his place and gave you these books?”

“Well, I used some powers, but basically yea. I guess you know something you aren’t telling me”

“So, you stole them?” she asked.

“I copied them, he still has the originals and I took nothing more”

She looked with a bit of shock at him. “I will not have anything to do with these books. I will certainly not be someone whom he might look for.”

“Who is he?”

“No, I will not take further risk by naming him.”

“By your reaction, I can assume I am in deep shit…”

“Just take the books and leave. There’s nothing, but death and ruin within them for me.”

“Ok, just give me one advice, should I give them back or destroy them?”

She just shook her head. “I don’t know.”

“I will then leave them where I found them”

She didn’t say much, watching Mark leave with his books.


Griautis Griautis

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