Declan meets the Harpy

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It was a small and cozy coffee shop. Miss Klein was sitting next to one of the tables, playing with the cup of coffee.

Declan joins the table “Good evening Miss Klein”

“Mister Middleton, is it?” she asked. “A pleasure to meet you.”

Declan nods and extends his arm “I just came to talk you you, maybe get some tips on who needs what” Declan smiles.

“Very interesting. So eager to please?”

“Our world works on favor, doesn’t it? So if I do favors for them, they’ll do favors for me”

“Makes sense. Well, for a favor I can get the word out for you. That you want to get involved.” she smiled.

Declan opens the his note book and reads the latest cacophony news “Well, I get the news, I could spread them my self. I meant some exclusive jobs and favors” Declan smiles

“Someone of your… flavour … shouldn’t find it too hard to find them. After all, your position is very interesting.”

“I suppose so, I guess, you could spread the word, it would be more convincing than if I had spread it.”

“Of course.” she nodded.

“Maybe you have tips, on how to take media sector? I am still very young and inexperienced in this sort of things”

“Pretty much like all the things. Find those who have influence over it and get influence over them?”

“I guess I will go for chief editor then. I am trying to get to know as many vampires as possible, maybe you could tell me something about yourself?” Declan smiles. Declan uses Auspex 2 on Miss Klein.

What is this person afraid of right now? Declan sees two bloody fighters on the table, trading blows equally, neither of them really falling.
What is one of this person’s psychological vulnerabilities? He then sees one of the fights topple the other one, jump with his foot on top of him laughing.
Is this person a diablerist? For a second there, it looked like he’s going to eat his victim, but he turned away.
What is this person’s Dirge? Instead he started talking with the little spoon, and the coffee cup and the hands and they responded with the smiles.
What’s this person’s attitude towards me? Declan lifted his eyes from the small scene and looked at Ema, she was carefully looking at him. At every move of his. Gauging what he might do next…

“You know plenty about me already. I’m the Harpy of Hartford. It’s my job to know as much as possible and to make sure that the people know what they need to know.” she responded.

“Yes, but I’m interested in you as a person, your personality” Declan said with smile

“Well, tell me about yourself then.”

“Well, I like to create poems during my spare time, I like to listen to classical music, I would like to visit some art gatherings organized by us” Declan smiles “Also, I like to party and I mean party hard” Declan laughs “That’s why I wanted to take nightclubs, but that sector is already taken and I won’t interfere with that. Instead I will do my best to take media.” Declan looks around thinking “Well, I love to get some occult books and do some research, but I suppose that’s really hard”

“Create poems? Alright, I’d like to hear one. I bet you have at least a few in that notebook of yours.”

Declan pulls out his notebook and reads one of his poems.

“Very interesting” she says, smiling.

“I could play some instruments if I could practice before and I have more poems of course”

“I don’t think that will be necessary, Mister Middleton. I’m not that big of a fan of instruments in any case.”

“Well, I told you about myself, what can you tell me now?”

“As I said, I’m just a Harpy. What I was is largely irrelevant to what I am now.”

“I strongly disagree, what you are now is because what you were before” Declan smiles

“If you say so… Now if you’ll excuse me, I got another meeting to make.” she said, standing up. Her coffee cup still untouched.

“Sure thing. Good evening Miss Klein”

She left without saying another word.


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