Declan visits the occult store

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The occult store was situated between simple living homes. It seemed simple and casual.

Declan activates Majesty 1 and walks in.

Declan walks in through the door and looks around. There’s plenty of strange things placed upon the stalls, the cases, hung from the top. There’s an old man sitting behind one of the stalls with a cash register.

Declan uses Auspex 3.

Is there any occult books that might interest me? The dusty tomes, lying around from spot to spot reek of lies and falsehoods, some giving a faint glimmer of hope.

Declan looks around and looks at the old man and uses Auspex 2.

What is his Vice? The man looks carefully at all he has. At the occult tomes lying about. At the strange little artifacts thrown about. He eyed them carefully discerning all he can.
Is he a ghoul? Declan looked into him, smelled his blood, but he did not feel the taint of Vitae.
What is he most afraid of right now? As he’s looking through the things, his eyes stick to one particular empty case.
Is he controled by anyone else? There’s no strings attached to him.

“Good evening” With those words Declan lashes out seductively at the man, however his beast has bashed against the man as if against a wall, his mind unwavering.

“Good evening, how may I help you?” he asked.

Declan is a bit surprised and uses Auspex 1.

Is there any supernatural powers affecting me? You feel as if your actions are already predetermined, by a fickle hand of fate.
Is anyone using obfuscate here? You see everything clearly, almost guaranteed that what you see is truth.
Is anyone using auspex here? As above.
Is there supernatural creatures besides me? The place is heavily influenced by the power of another.

“Yes, I want to see the “good stuff” that you have under the counter”

“The good stuff?” the man almost laughed.”Do not be blinded or tricked by your own thoughts of thinking that I hide the good stuff. It is around you.”

Declan uses Auspex 4 on the man. “Well, I don’t believe you” Declan smiles “There are always things that places like these hide from the eyes of the people, things that not all should see”

Again, Declan felt as if smashing into an unbreachable fortress. “And you think I would keep such things, under the counter? In the shop? Ah… Let’s start from the beginning. What are you looking for? I bet there’s something in the store to help you. “

Declan uses Auspex 2 on him, again.

Is he a supernatural creature? Declan sees the all knowing sight of the old man.
What’s his mood? The man’s eye’s are looking around, discerning the situation, trying to understand what Declan wants.
What is one of this person’s psychological vulnerabilities? Declan notices the several clocks around and for a second there it seemed that all of them have stopped.

“Well, I am looking for unique occult books and maybe some other interesting object”

“Unique occult books? Concerning what topic? Nobody needs the books just to have the books. They need them for something. “

Declan again uses Auspex 4 on the man, hoping for another outcome. (2 again)

“Well, I am trying to build myself a workroom library, so I need a lot of topic. You seem like unusual person”

“A workroom library? I think you’ve come to the wrong place.”

“I don’t believe I do. You see, I write stories and poems, I draw inspiration from tales of the past, like goblins, fairies, wizards and other similar creatures and I need to know as much as possible to make them genuine” Declan uses Majesty 2 on the old man (3s)

“Ah… In that case, I know just what you need.” he said moving from his stall into the shop, navigating between the few cases to the end. He picked a book from the table, bringing it back. “This will do just the trick.”

“Hmmmm” Declan tries to use Dominate on him, but the man is not looking at his eyes, carefully inspecting the book. “Wait, it’s rude of me, what is your name?”

“I’m Hayden.” he answered.

“May I look at the book?”

“Oh of course.” he said handing it over to Declan. “You know, I’ll give you a big discount on it. Seems like you’ll find a good use for it.”

“You aren’t a normal human, are you?”

“Normal… I own an occult shop. There’s nothing normal about me.”

“And I can clearly tell, you know more than you tell me, also this weird sensation in here…”

“I’m an honest salesman.” he answered. “Sensation? Yes, in such a mystical place many people feel just a little bit weird.”

“If you are so honest, why aren’t you looking at my eyes?”

“Would you, in your best wished advise suggest me to look into your eyes?” he asked.

Declan smiles “I know these books hold almost no occult knowledge that I need. Maybe you have something with more of occult knowledge. Here or somewhere else?”

“Yes, I do. However those are not for sale.”

“And why is that?”

“Because they’re private. You could say that they are in my workroom library”

“Hmmm… Could i borrow them from you?? I will make a copy of them and I will give them back after I am finished. You wouldn’t have part ways with your books and I will have them copied. You may then ask something in return"

“Of course” he smiled. “But as I said they are not here”

“Can I make a phone call?”

“Sure.” he said, sliding the phone over the table towards Declan.

Declan callsMarta. “Come to (insert address) with taxi now, I need your help for like an hour or so”

After about 15 minutes Marta entered the shop.

Declan uses majesty 3 “Hayden, this is Marta. Could you go with her and give her your books? She will copy them and return afterwards to your home or your library, ok?”

“Sure. Meet me outside, I’ll close the shop down. It will be super fast.”

Declan goes outside with Marta “Use the copy machine and make a copy of every book, then return them. Ok?”

She nodded her head “Of course, the library has a good copy machine I can use” she answered.

After a minute or so Hayden excited his shop, wearing a coat. He closed and locked the door.

“We can use my car.” he said, leading the two to his car.

“Where is it located?”

“It’s that one” he said pointing at one of the cars.

Declan smiles “I mean the house”

“Oh, you’ll see.” he smiled getting into the car. After a short 5 minute drive they got to the place.

Declan with Marta goes to his apartment, they were taking the taxi that followed old man’s car.

The house wasn’t that big, they entered through the back door and quickly went to the basement. Behind a hidden shelf there was another room, filled with books, a table, some strange items.

He looked at one of the shelfs. “When copying the books take extreme precision with the charts and drawings. Wrongly drawn and then used… they can backfire spectacularly.”

“Marta here is a librarian, she will be extra careful.” Declan points at the table “What are those?”

“Good.” he nodded. “Some are my tools. Others.. um , some of the more interesting items I’ve gotten my hands on. Haven’t finished my research on them, tho.”

“I know that I did wrong to you, you will understand that in some time… So to repay you, I offer my help, when you will need something from me, contact me through Marta and I will come and help you, agreed?”

“Nonsense, it’s no biggie really. No risk in sharing what you know, is there?” he said smiling and looking at Declan.

“Well, if you ever need something from me, I told you how to find me. You did this huge favor me, saved so many years of searching and collecting knowledge. We should carry these books to taxi, the sooner Marta copies them, the sooner you will get them back”

“Of course.” he said, helping carry the books. The process went a lot faster than Declan expected.

They left, the night came to an end and Declan had a bunch of newly copied and sparsely bound books. All of it looked more like a students notes collection, but it had the info in it.

Marta returned the real books to the old man.


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