Rhea visits Nikolas' church

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Rhea got round to visiting Faith Congregational church. After she found the church itself, she started looking around to see what the security here was.
The church was pretty small. There were a few weak locks. From her observation the only problematic thing she saw, were a couple of monks inside. What the hell they were doing here at such time?
Rhea approached the main door and listened in, trying to determine if they were close to this door, or closer to the entrance through the rectory.
Turned out, that the several of them were not there so randomly. They were guarding the place. Walking around.
“Why isn’t it ever easy…” whispered Rhea to herself. Then she approached the rectory entrance. as silently as she could, she unlocked the door, and then silently waited, for the place around to be silent.
The steps of the monks could be heard. What Rhea understood was that these monks are far too vigilant for what she’d expect of a monk guarding a church at 2 AM in the morning. Who the hell guards a church with a couple of monks?
Highly confused with the guards, Rhea turned invisible and finding the right moment she quickly jumps inside and closes the door. Moments after, she started silently looking around from a corner.
The monks are patrolling the perimeter. Theres of them walking around, one sitting on a chair in a corner, by the door to the catacombs, and the last one is taking a power nap.
Rhea starts to make her way to the catacomb entrance.
With her powers, it was pretty easy. The door looked heavy, but it lead down. The monk was sitting vigilantly, if it were not for her powers, she’d have no chance to get past him.
Rhea obfuscated the door, and started unlocking. The lock falls quite easily to Rhea’s skill. She takes another look at the monks, and walks in. After that she crept downstairs and started looking around for information on curses in this area. However, there was nothing of the sort here.
Slowly but surely Rhea carried on through the catacombs, looking for the all too familiar altair.
There it was. These catacombs were much cleaner than the other ones. The altar well taken care off.
Rhea tried the same thing as in other tombs, and hoped to open the secret room.
And it did, after a quick descent down the stairs she was in a similar room. This had no gold in it, just the silent sarcophagus.
Almost sure that this place will be empty, Rhea tried to open the sarcophagus. Slowly it budged and as Rhea expected, she saw it to be empty.
“And so there were two…” sighed Rhea and turned around to leave.


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