Lady Amelija Cook, Advisor and Au Pair

The stunning beauty


The stunning elder of the clan Daeva. She is gorgious to look upon and should she use her Majesty it’s downright impossible to pull your eyes off of her.

Over her long undeath she has learned to navigate the political arena as the back of her hand. She is now the Daeva Primogen, thus she holds great sway among the clan. And she also leads a sub-faction of the Invictus, which affords her great power within the covenant (even if her official Covenant rank doesn’t reflect that).

People she meets for the first time she usually see her as a caring and interested listener, gladly helping out with their problems. However, should someone fail her she can quickly turn into a piranha who kills her prey mercilessly, both in the political arena or in the field of battle.

Lady Amelija Cook, Advisor and Au Pair

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