Kristoferis Brentas

A hateful Hierophant


Kristoferis is over 200 years old. He grew up as a slave, in a house where the oldest occupant was over 100 years old. Clinging to his faith for survival he learned as much as he could about the natural cures, legends and folklore hoping that it might save him from the darkness.

One day, the master’s child fell ill. The master tried out every medicine he had known. The undead master Edmund Cartwright didn’t want to submit his own great-grandson to the curse of blood. He didn’t know what to do, so he sent his grandson to look for other types of cures.

The man fell into depression and unknowing what to do, he went to the slaves, for he knew that they used strange herbs and rituals to cure their own diseases. Ordinary medicine totally forbade that, and he himself hated the wretches… But he had no choice, for it was his last hope.

He approached Kristoferis, the most knowledgeable of the slaves, even at such a young age. He ordered him to cure his son. Kristoferis worked day and night to save the child. He hated the masters of the child, however the child had done nothing wrong to him.

After two long days and nights the child’s body temperature returned to normal and Kristoferis was sure that he would live.

His master was thankless and quickly ordered him to get out of his house, back into the slave pens. However, the dead man, Edmund, though that Kristoferis might be of value. So he embraced him, hoping to teach him somewhat more proper ways. He hoped to tame the animal.

In his undeath, Kristoferis quickly learned that if he wanted to survive the angry wrath of Thomas Hooker, his Grandsire, he had to pretend to be a lay member of the Lancea et Sanctum. And so he did, secretly practicing his own faith and honing his Cruac skills.

He gathered more members to the Circle of the Crone and when Thomas went to torpor, they could finally come out of their hiding, quickly diminishing the numbers of the Sanctified, since almost all the Acolytes hid among them.

After them, quite a few more factions removed themselves from the Sanctified (including the Dragons, some unaligned and others).

Kristoferis Brentas

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