Declan visis the Carthian Bar

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The carthian territory and the bar was on the same side of the river as the kiddie pool. Some would say that this is a rundown place, most would be correct. But the carthians like this bar. It’s home to them.

Declan walks into the bar looking for any Carthian members

As soon as he enters, he feels himself being stared at by quite a few people. Several of them had the Beast in them. One of them quickly came up. He wore a mohawk.

“Hey there. I’m Klintas.” he said extending his hand to shake.

“Good evening, I am Mister Declan Middleton” Shakes his hand and extends to anyone who is around him.

“Mister?” his face frowned as if Declan had thrown a shit at him. “So what does the Invictus dog want in our cozy bar?” he said emphasizing his covenant, for most of the bar to hear.

“Well, I heard about your game and I wanted to know more”

“About our game? The one to be drawn during the next Court? It’s simple, names will be drawn, people will die.”

“Anyone, even members of the Invictus can add names?”

“So, the big and powerful First Estate can’t get rid of a mortal itself? Sure. Anyone who pays the price.”

“What’s the price?”

“What can you pay?”

“Knowing that I just joined the citizenship, I can only offer my knowledge from back before and favors. Unless you have something in mind”

“A major favor owed to the Carthians and you can insert a name into the game.”

“But it seems a bit unfair, the name I put in may not even be drawn”

“Yeah, but if it does get drawn, then we get a stain of working for an Invictus who just received citizenship”

“Hmmm… Let’s make it a gamble. What if I would owe you a favor to put the name in, but if the name is drawn, there would be an extra major favor? “

He nodded. “Alright, sounds like a deal. Care to repeat that in latin?”

“Before I say it, those favors shouldn’t damage my status in Invictus, can we agree on that? I mean, no direct damage should come to theLady Cook’s side”

“Anything we might ask of you, might damage your status, so that’s a very hard fetch.”

“Well, at least can we agree, it won’t be directed against the Invictus?”

“Well, then it’s a major favor not directed against the Invictus, with a second one should his name be pulled.”

“It’s a favor to put the name in and a major favor not directed against the Invictus”


Declan writes in latin “I owe a favor to Carthians for putting in a name into the Blood game pool if the name is drawn and the man is killed, I owe and a additional major favor for the Carthians, which is not directed against the Invictus”

“So, what’s the name?”

“”/characters/hayden" class=“wiki-content-link”>Hayden, he is an owner of the occult shop, which is located (insert address here)"

“Cool. I’ll spread the news then.”

“I’ll be waiting for the lottery. Thank you” Declan extends an arm to seal the deal.

He laughed, grabbed his hand and squeezed quite hard. The sound of breaking bone could be heard.

“I’ll be seeing you around, mister” he said mockingly.

“Have a good hunt” Declan turns around and starts walking towards the door.


Griautis Griautis

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