Hartford: 52 session

The Court happens

Long time no see. Anyways, giving links to google play docs first, then I’ll write up a short recap of what happened.

Declan visits the occult store
Declan meets Rajani
Declan visis the Carthian Bar
Rhea visits the underground of Sangiovanni manor
Rhea meets Mr. Li

The big even of this session was the Court. Almost all of the city vampires were present. At the start of the event Solomon Birch was punished for breaking the rules of elysium. The Honorable Alder Akadas, used a burning metal rod to punish Solomon, who stood straight and strong. The sight was truly marvellous.

Next up Roistonas Grazusis faced off with Malkolmas Mangumas, who was standing in for Lord Gregorijus Brinkmanas, Councilor and the Seneshal in the said duel.

The group also saw Mark Lehninger standing by the side of Lady Otilia Auksaburne. It looked more like a carrot is standing there and not the Mark we all know so well.

Paula Beiley asked the coterie to help smuggle something through the Station which is located in their territory. They agreed.

The party spoke with Lady Amelija Cook, Advisor and Au Pair, who agreed to sign a signature for Katerina Redfield in exchange for a favor from Kristoferis Brentas.

The group also met with Katerina. She wasn’t too happy that now she’ll have to be a Hound, but at least she’d be a citizen.

Mister Albert Heckles managed to get Donaldas Bankorfas to swear the Oath of Fealty to him.

They also got to one of the local newspapers main Editor, hoping that Mister Declan Middleton, could ghoul him and they would get more influence. However they soon learned that the man in question was already ghouled by someone. They suspect it was Sofija Martinez


Griautis Griautis

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