Hartford: Thirty-ninth session: Amir


I bumped into Tauras on the street one day, which was a nice coincidence, since I wanted to meet him anyway. He told me he had been looking for me (so it wasn’t really a coincidence after all), and apologized for not talking to me in such a long time. I… was surprised, I give you that. Frankly, I expected him to ask for a favor, but instead he offered one himself. It was really nice of him. The funny thing is, I wanted to offer him help myself, especially with the Inquisitor situation, but Tauras told me that Helena dealt with it. That was a relief. To be honest, I have no idea how I could’ve helped him with a problem this grandiose.


Gerardas came to us offering help with Sam‘s situation. He asked us to follow him to a cruac ritual place. Rhea, however, refused to step outside the boundaries of the kiddie pool, so we proceeded without her. When we reached our destination, we saw an alter. We were asked to give some blood and after an hour the ritual was completed. Gerardas said that the ritual confirmed that we are definitely dealing with a demon. He said we should search for “the Red Woman”, who he refers to as “the other face of the demon”. We perform another ritual. This time he told us that we might find her in a club outside kiddie pool. The club is owned by Liucile Sanders. Gerardas told us that he’d go to that place and we parted ways.


I went to Tina for my first day of learning. She seemed really nice, even humble in her way of speaking. All doubts aside at least I have a wonderful teacher. We waited till the sunrise to start the first training session, which was both an exhausting and fascinating.


Albert told us that Edmund had no intention to spare Tamas’ life. It was a pity. Killing anyone is a terrible thing, even someone as dangerous as Arshad. Although, who knows? Maybe Tamas is just as dangerous. We talked about our possibilities and the team decided that Albert should implant Arshad false memories and Uosis should make him insane.


I visited Felix, we talked about stuff. I told him I hadn’t seen my mom in a while and I missed her. I asked him if he ever missed his family. He said he used to. Used to? Does this mean he doesn’t anymore? I asked him if he had any childer and he said yes. We talked about him, but it didn’t seem like he cared too much about him. Somehow it made me think about Kristopher. I told Felix I hated Kristopher, although honestly I wasn’t completely sure of that. I told him I hated my existence. The accursed unlife. I feel like I shouldn’t have complained so much that night, but all that stuff got piled up in my mind, driving me insane. I needed to talk to someone about it and for some reason Felix felt like the right person.

He told me I should just stop worrying about all that stuff and embrace my existence. If I wasn’t satisfied with my life I should do something to change it. He gave some examples, like giving my blood to junkies in exchange for an apartment. I tried to argue how that was an immoral thing to do, while he said it would be their own choice. Sure, their choice. A “choice” influenced by blood addiction.

Although I didn’t agree with everything he said, I was glad to talk to someone about those things. And I was glad that Felix was there to listen.


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