Rhea visits the underground of Sangiovanni manor

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Rhea visited her family manor once more. This time, her sire decided to lead her into the basement. The basement was locked, and once inside a stench of rot could be felt. There were several corpses around in this labaratory.

The strange sound Rhea heard before, could be heard even louder now. It was just below them. What is it?

Within a moment, she saw a little girl rush out of the corner looking at Oktavia. “You’re back.” she smiled. “I missed you soooooo much. And… I’ve done what you asked. I’ve read the book over and over again, but I didn’t find it yet.” she shook her head gently. “Who’s she?” she pointed one of her little fingers at Rhea.
Rhea took a few long moments inspecting the child, and then questioningly stares at Oktavia.

“I’ve built her myself.” she said. “Good job. Continue looking for it. Oh, and this is Rhea. My great great… she recently returned to the family.”

“Nice to meet you.” she said with a pleasant voice, bowing her head a bit. Rhea could see something ticking behind those eyes, but she couldn’t quite grasp what it is. “I’ll get back to the book.” she said, turning around and prancing back to the table and opening a strange occult book laid before her.

“You built her? She doesn’t look like what usually comes from our families arts… How young was she when she died?” asked Rhea looking back at the girl, who had buried herself in a book once more. “She seems far too talkative and smart too…”

“Most of the girls, I’ve used for her were aged at around 5-8.” she answered in a cold voice. “There’s a thing Sangiovanni family needs done, concerning that little book she’s studying now. If you were to do it, I’d gladly teach you how to make one yourself.” she answered.

“So by made you meant…” trailed off Rhea, composing herself a second. “Tell me what needs doing. So long as it’s within my abilities I’ll get it done.” Smiled Rhea.

“The newcomer in the town…Rajani. Needs to go.” she answered simply looking at Rhea and waiting for her reaction.

“Rajani? What has she done wrong? I had my share of run-ins with her and she seemed perfectly civil.” Slightly gasped Rhea.

“She wants to steal from our family. The problem with that is, that if she succeeds, as a nomad she can turn her tail and run. With our treasures to never be recovered again. The book, which is being studied by Madeline is one of them. We cannot allow them to be lost. As such, she needs to go.”

“I understand. Any ideas on how you want this done?” Asks Rhea.

“Well, she’s technically not a Citizen. And that means that the laws don’t technically apply to her, as they would apply to you or me.” she was still carefully looking at Rhea as if running her through a test.

“No laws are applied to her?” asks Rhea rather stunned by the notion.

“Well, laws are applied to her. But she’s not a citizen, and so, she has the rights of a kiddie pooler, more or less.”

“So technically she does not have the protection, that the citizens share, not fully at least?”


“So tell me, do we want her out of town, or simply out?” Asked Rhea with a serious grin.

“Do you think things are as simple as they look? Think, Rhea. You can do better than this.”

“I understand she must have someone backing her… Distract or destroy would be the usual question with strong backers I think, but I guess destroy is out of the question.” Smiles Rhea. “So do we know who needs to be distracted enough to not see her go?”

“The Prince.” she said slowly, allowing the full weight of her words sink into Rhea.

“The Prince? The Prince… Why would the Prince back her?”

“That’s a good question. But after a private meeting with her, it was due to his word that she did not enter kiddie pool. The Prince is of our blood, moreover he is of the Mnemosyne line. If there’s something the Prince always get’s, it’s the truth. And in much faster ways than anyone could imagine a Kindred to be able to operate. There’s no simple way to distract him.” she said, not entirely finished speaking, but wanting to hear what Rhea has to say, as if continuing a strange test.

“Maybe I should find out why she has the Prince backing her from her…” Rhea started musing quietly waiting for Oktavia to continue.

“Perhaps. But whatever his reasons are, they might be hard to change. In either case, the reasons should either disappear, or he should be influenced differently. If the Invictus were to start pushing for Rajani’s entrance into the kiddie pool, or for her disappearance. He would have to reconsider. After all, they are his main backers.”

“I guess I should start working on both fronts… I’ll try my best not to disappoint.”
“Yes. I hope you’ve got a good handle on Mister Heckles. He could provide invaluable help with this. Alongside Mister Middleton, he should have a path to his grandsire, after all.”

“Thank you for this lead.”

“Good.” she said when they reached another door. “I guess we should stop here… down there, it’s just catacombs with quite a few servants at the ready. In case of emergency we can descent there… Well, those of the Sangiovanni blood, that is.”


Griautis Griautis

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