Faster Play Rules
Only used when we’re playing in “faster” mode. Play may switch back to nightly play when needed. Link

Oath of Fealty
No longer requires Invictus Status.
The limit of blood is increased by one (so it’s Invictus Status + 1)

Breaking points gained from vincullum no longer grant beats.
Doing favors to please your regnant grants a beat.
Making big sacrifices for your regnant grants two beats.
Current vincullum beat generation creates an incentive to “fight" the vincullum, while it should encourage giving in.

Bestial Conditions
Conditions are no longer limited to once a month. Also, their text is changed: Beast Conditions
Lastly, when using faster play rules, the time for them to drop off without resolution is counted in scenes instead of nights.

Ventrue Clan Bane
Ventrue: The Aloof Curse
The Ventrue are confident. Why wouldn’t they be? They’re clearly superior. This attitude frequently cause Lords conflict, as they treat all those around them as objects. This means that it’s harder for them to feel the connection with their touchstones. When regaining willpower from touchstones roll your humanity. If you were to gain one willpower point, you gain it only on a success. If you were to regain your full willpower, you only regain as many willpower as the successes rolled. Also, it’s harder keep your humanity -1 to detachment rolls.

Blood Sorcery
The dice pools are reversed. That is, the learned rituals use the single dice pool, while improvised ones use different ones.

Blood Sorcery Ritual Costs
Rituals which use no more than 4 Theme dots, with the highest being maximum of three only cost 1 Experience to learn.

Theban Sorcery Ritual Sacrifice
As a rule of thumb, the availability of a sacrifice should be the Ritual Level (highest theme) divided by two. Going above the sacrifice in availability terms produce a bonus to the sorcery rolls.

Social Manoeuvring
In each manoeuvring attempt, using the same dice pool as before suffers a cumulative -1 penalty. This forces the usage of varying dice pools and tactics to achieve door openings.
Upon failing a Social Manoeuvring roll, you do not get a penalty by default. Instead, the storyteller may choose to inflict a -1 to all future dice rolls of this Manoeuvring or decrease the impression level by one. If he does so, take a Beat. (this makes the Social Manoeuvring rules less harsh, allowing for more risky attempts (does not punish small dice pools as heavily))

Cacaphony Savvy Merit
Instead of having to take penalties for additional details, they are revealed upon gaining more successes than one. (One detail per success)

There’s an additional single Aspiration slot for a group wide aspiration. The group should decide on it together.


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